Getting closer…

What is it with me, this trip and getting the last of something?

Quick recap: the reserved grandstand seat I wanted was the last ticket available in the Dunlop Tribune.  You can read about that here.

Being a fan of The Speed Channel, I’ve seen commercials for Grand Prix Tours over the years.  All-inclusive tours to various race events – NASCAR, F1, MotoGP and Le Mans.  I actually reached out to them when I was planning dad’s birthday trip to Montreal in 2007.  Right after last year’s Le Mans, I contacted Grand Prix Tours and asked them to send me info for their 2011 event.

I received their e-mail in July and kept it until I started planning my trip back in January.  I contacted GPT and spoke with two of their associates: Tessa and Cherry.  Tessa is their operations executive and Cherry has been to Le Mans with GPT.  Both were able to give me some valuable information in the early planning stages of my trip.

Last week, I started working with Tessa trying to get an extra night at the hotel where the group is staying in Tours.  No dice.  I wanted to get out there a day early, take the train from Paris to Tours, check out the town of Tours and settle in.  Ok, I can’t get there early, maybe I’ll head back to Paris and stay an extra night.  Or maybe I’ll just make this a quick Friday to Monday European trip like most playboys of my stature do on a regular basis.

So we couldn’t get anything settled last week but Tessa did get me on the waiting list for Thursday night just in case I still want to go out a day early.  She tells me she’s going to Las Vegas for the NASCAR race and to call her back Monday and we’ll get everything planned.  Well, my schedule and stupidity kicked up a notch and I didn’t get a chance to call her back and get it all booked.

Wednesday morning, I’m in a contracts class I’m hosting for some realtor clients of mine when my phone rings.  I don’t recognize the number so I let it go to voicemail.  My phone buzzes and tells me I have a message.  I check it.  Oh, it’s from Tessa.  THERE’S ONLY ONE ROOM LEFT, YOU NEED TO CALL ME!

Not again.

I call her right back.  Do you want it?  Most definitely.  Ok, finish your meeting and call me back.  Gotcha.  Finish my meeting, head to a lunch meeting, get back into the office and give her a call.

Done deal.  We’re all booked.  Hotel, transportation to and from the airport and track as well as an excursion to the Indianapolis and Arnage corners!  All I have to do now is book the flight and we’re all set.

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Tessa and Grand Prix Tours.  She didn’t have to call.  She could have easily shrugged her shoulders and let it go to the next person who contacted them.  But she didn’t.  She took the extra step and reached out to me.

If you want to find out more about Grand Prix Tours and maybe book your next local or international race trip, you need to use these guys.


One Comment on “Getting closer…”

  1. Wilbertt says:

    First – last – as long as you get what you want…
    And you really need to see about removing the Google add for Danica Patrick…

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