Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign.

Please make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position….cause I’m off to Paris!  I booked the flight last night.

Originally, this was all about the race.  Get to France, get to the track, and get home.  But the more I thought about it, it just seemed stupid to be in Paris and not take in some of the sights.

So I went to mom and dad’s the other night and they had their two big Paris photo books out and gave me dozens of ideas.  Looking at travel time and the tour schedule, I’ve narrowed it down to just a handful of the major sights to see.

The Eiffel Tower, of course.  The Arc de Triomphe.  Sainte Chappelle and Notre Dame.  All 4 are relatively close to each other.  I can get there from Charles de Gaulle airport via the Metro and back just as easy.

I’ll be landing in Paris around 9:00AM Thursday and I’ll be staying at one of the airport hotels.  Once I get settled, I should be able to hit the ground running by noon and spend the day around Paris before heading back to the airport for some rack time and then catching up with the Grand Prix Tour group on Friday.

Monday morning after the race, the tour group bus will head back to Paris around 7 or 8 in the morning.  It’s only 140 miles from Tours to Paris, but with traffic, it’ll probably take 3 hours to get back to the airport.  The earliest non-stop flight back to Dallas is 11:30.  I’ll never make it in time.  So I’ve booked Monday night in Paris and my return flight for Tuesday morning.  The nice thing about this too, I may get to do something else I’ve wanted to do: take the train.

There’s a France TGV station in Tours.  It makes one stop and then it’s straight onto Paris from there.  Even though I’ve already paid for the bus with the group back to Paris, taking the train just seems cool.

Once I get back to Paris, I’ll still have 24 hours before my flight on Tuesday, so based on how exhausted I’ll be from 36+ hours at Le Mans, maybe I’ll take in a few more sights.

All that’s left to do is book my two nights in Paris and it’s all set.


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