Several years ago, one of my car websites that I visit daily featured an artist who creates a car/racing painting a day.  I immediately bookmarked his website and visit it weekly, if not daily, to admire his work.

Rob Ijbema creates a work of art based on an event, a car, a moment that happened in the world of racing.

As I was planning my trip to Le Mans, I thought: how cool would it be to acquire one of his Le Mans paintings?

The week I got back, I watched his site intently.  And then, there it was…Friday afternoon Dallas time, I saw it.

Without hesitation, I wrote Rob: How does one acquire your work?  I WANT your 2011 Le Mans painting.

Saturday morning, I wake up to a pleasant surprise.  He’s written me back: “It would be brilliant to see my painting as part of your trip.”

Excellent.  How do we do this…Paypal?  Yep.  Done.

A little over a week later, I get home and find a little package from England.

Two days later, this beauty hangs mounted and framed on the wall in my man room.

Rob, thank you for sharing your talent and allowing me to add your work to my memories.

For more about Rob and to see his stunning work, visit

I’ll be contacting Monet shortly about adding one of his lesser works to my collection.


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