Petit Le Mans…what to look for.

Andy Blackmore has done it again.  He’s released his Spotter Guide for Petit Le Mans this weekend.  Most cars will be very similar to what they were in Le Mans.  One noticeable difference will be the factory Corvettes: they’ll be sporting pink numbers to mark Cancer Awareness Month.

With 58 cars, it’s going to be a crowded field.  After this week’s practice, the difference between the fastest and slowest cars is around 17 seconds.  So with a 2.5 mile track, it’ll be about 6 minutes before it’s just a constant stream of cars moving around the track.

Speaking of Andy Blackmore…I know about his spotters guides from seeing them on Planet Le Mans and the 10/10ths forum.  I always thought he was just a talented artist with an interest in racing.  I had no idea about his involvement with some of the most successful racing teams of the last 20 years.

I just recently found this article about Andy and what he’s done for the sport.  You need to read more about Andy and his incredible portfolio here.

Thanks Andy!


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