Again, the virtual world meets the real world

Last year, I wrote about GT5 Academy winner, Lucas Ordonez, securing a seat with Signatech Nissan to compete at Le Mans.  I just found this several months old video and it again speaks to the crossover of the virtual and real worlds of racing.  Filmed during Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, FastLaneDaily interviews Allan McNish.

There are several things I find interesting what Allan McNish has to say:

1: With the durability/reliability of today’s cars, the endurance races are treated more like sprint races: full out, all the time.

2: He’s always aggressive, all the time.  Considering his shunt at Le Mans last year, you’d think he would have dialed down his driving style.  No, in the words of Ayrton Senna: “if you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver, because we are competing, we are competing to win.”.

3: The virtual world will, can, and does contribute to driving/racing in the real world.  I’m a GT5 and iRacing fan – there’s without a doubt, my “video game” racing has made me a better driver.   The simulators/games are getting so good, they use them as training tools.

4: The two – sim racing and real racing are crossing over.  They are creating a better product for each other.

UPDATE: Thanks to my weekly YouTube subscription update, I received a notice about these videos.  Again, virtual world directly impacting the real world in terms of racing.


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